| Yanto Barker

ONE Pro Cycling Training Camp


The second ONE Pro Cycling training camp was a real success. For me personally it was great to see the progression within the team and gelling together in every aspect. We worked on some important team drills at high speed and it was clear to see the progress we have made as a group. Understanding each others strengths and weaknesses, styles and preferences on the bike.

On our first cycling training camp, there was a lot of talk about what we are going to do. Then we came back from that camp and did our first set of early seasons races. They were successful and we had great results!

Then we came away on this second camp and talked about what we have learned over the past 2 months and what we need to do to improve and build on how we have started out. I believe we are in a good place and I'm excited to start the next few races. All the boys are really motivated and we have a great atmosphere amongst both staff and riders.

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Yanto Barker
Founder of Le Col