The Hors Categorie Collection


The Highest Performing Le Col Collection

I know how important it is for my kit to deliver so I can really push myself to the limit. Which is how the Hors Catégorie range came about – the highest performing Le Col collection yet.

It’s made for challenges, and (at times) was a challenge to make. Every detail demanded careful consideration, from the collar down to the hem. Take a look at the lengths we went to to make the new Hors Categorie Jersey and you’ll see what I mean.


The making of the Hors Categorie Jersey

  1. The Fabric

Meryl fabric was the only real choice for this cycling jersey. It’s stretchy, soft to the touch (important when worn directly against the skin) and gives a snug fit while remaining incredibly comfortable. It’s low-maintenance too, as the fabric is easy to wash and care for and keeps its shape for years.


2. The Construction


One of the first things I look for in a cycling jersey: decent pockets. They need to be big enough for all the essentials, but not compromise the fit (or your performance) when empty. Having rear pockets that are easily accessible on a ride is also crucial – so we lowered the two side pockets on the outside edges for quick access. And the waterproof zipped rear pocket is now big enough to accommodate the new, larger-sized smartphones – bonus!


To help keep the jersey in place, the hem features a silicone gripper to minimise bunching and sliding when you’re on the move. 


The HC Jersey collar has been ergonomically designed with the riding position in mind. Its shallow funnel cut helps minimise bunching at the back of the neck, and the built-in zip cover helps stop any irritation caused by potential rubbing against the skin.

Lycra sleeve shield

An exclusive feature to the range is the introduction of a Lycra gummy ‘shield’ on the underside of the sleeve inserts. This shield is made up of hundreds of tiny silicone dots to hold the sleeve in place, without the need for a tighter fit – meaning more comfort around the arm.

3. The Detail

Road safety is always a concern, which is why the new jersey features reflective tabs to ensure you’re visible even in low light. All logos and Le Col branding are embroidered too – so no peeling or cracking.

But, as always, the best way to appreciate the difference in the details is to put them to the test yourself. Don’t forget to leave a review.