| Yanto Barker

Tour de Yorkshire


One Pro Cycling Rider Yanto Barker 

Preparation for the Tour of Yorkshire has all been done bar a short couple of pre race rides from the team hotel up at Oulton. Our last few days leading up to the race have consisted of a PR ride with some of our founder members and sponsors and another faster pre race ride with some intensity as a group to open the legs and lungs and get everything flowing ready for Friday. Everyone has been getting involved with a bit of publicity on the radio, on local television and with some photos of the team here at the race hotel.

Another aspect of the day before the race is choosing our bike and wheel combinations. In this team we have a choice between Cervelo S5 and R5 with Enve carbon deep section wheels of 3.4mm or 6.7mm depth. What we chose depends on each rider their strengths and abilities also considering the terrain and weather conditions, for example it's not advisable for one of the lighter riders to use the deeper wheels in strong crosswinds, it's not ideal for anyone but will have less of an impact on a bigger heavier rider.

We also have our one on one chat with team coach Steve Benton about how we feel going into stage 1, where our form is on our performance chart called PMC chart and what we will be capable of along with team roles and responsibilities as part of the team again taking into consideration race conditions terrain and weather. It all helps us build a good picture of what to expect when it matters and how to respond to certain race conditions and is essential in our mental preparation for the race.

Hope to see you on the road!