| James Hayden

Transcontinental 2015


Building solid Endurance and Improving Mental Ability

Training for a 2600mile, unsupported, first one there wins race is a bit of a behemoth undertaking. Most people would simply consider the best way to train by going out and riding as much as possible at their all day pace, I’d disagree. Having spent the past few years training to road race and time trial, I’ve learned a few things, both to do and definitely to not do!
With the help from Le Col Collection.

There were a few things I wanted to accomplish in training for Transcontinental 2015. Improving my fat metabolism, so my body is good or better at fuelling my effort from fat rather than carbohydrate. Improve my ability to ride all day at a good pace, raise my threshold and also build solid endurance. Improve my mental ability, to just turn off and ride.

I went about training in 3 blocks. The first I went out and rode around, getting re-acquainted with longer miles after having ridden very little while I was working full time, don’t worry I still trained harder than most would be. Soon re-acquainted, I started throwing in some steady efforts, nothing too fast or hard, just pushing along at a good pace, to build my endurance.

Secondly, I went on a solid training trip. This was done for a few reasons, one to get a lot of riding in my legs and feel some deep fatigue. Two to get a mental idea of what it’s like to be stupidly tired and fatigued and thirdly and principally for fun, after all I ride bikes because I love exploring, so I went and did just that.

For the 2015 edition Transcontinental has 4 checkpoints. Shown on the map below.

Thirdly and my final block, I came back from my trip and rested up well. Since getting back on the bike, I’ve been riding pretty hard. A lot more fast rides, shorter ride times, with efforts and some long endurance rides. Building my ability to push faster for longer. I’ve still got a couple more weeks of doing this, but things are going well. I maybe carried a bit too much fatigue from my trip into this block, so I just took 2 days off to chill, I don’t want to get ill or injured. I’m going to throw a few 10h+ back to back rides in too, just to remind my body how it feels to be riding all day, but not all night; the time for destroying myself is the race, not training, well not training this close to the race, I’ve done that already!

It’s too far out to know if what I’ve done will be the right but we’ll see…

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James Hayden

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