The start of things to come

When you’re part of a successful cycling team you need to learn to work as one.  The training camp is an instrumental part of bringing everyone together. It’s here where we get a clear picture of every member, their strengths, their weaknesses and their limits. Why? Because in order to succeed, we need to know what the people in our team are capable of. We need to create a hierarchy and minimise internal competition, so the lead roles are clearly given to riders who have demonstrated they’re the best. We need to test riders and identify where they belong in the team, what support they can give their team mates and how they perform under pressure. With this understanding we can bring the best out of each rider for the overall benefit of the team.  

Being part of a professional team takes grit and determination. Take a look at this video shot at the 2013 Team Youth UK training camp.

December 26, 2012 by Crawfurd Hill
Tags: Yanto