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Tuesday saw the full launch for the team One Pro Cycling. A big occasion for everyone involved in the team project including myself. The venue was a great one at the Millbank Tower London over looking the river Thames. There were interviews with Key partners and  F&F the primary sponsor, Matt Prior Co founder of the team and Simon Chapel Chairman among others.

For me what was most noticeable was the genuine and sincere relationship between the riders and staff. Matt Prior has been integral in creating an environment that is truly geared to getting the best out of all of us working on this project. It's something I also rate highly as a priority with my business. To me true success is almost always a team effort or at least I find working in a successful team the most rewarding place to be on and off the bike.

I personally am very much in line with the core team One Pro Cycling values and ethos and it's something that benefits my riding position within the team but also how we operate commercially supplying the performance clothing for the boys to race in.

It was satisfying to see everyone in attendance recognise the good hard work that had gone into both building the team so far and the launch its self. I'm very excited to be part of the next phase as we begin racing properly. Watch this space and thanks for reading.

Yanto Barker
November 08, 2014 by James Emery
Tags: news