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Race Across America | Le Col Cycling

This year Le Col is happy to be supporting the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Race Across America (RAAM) cycle team! Defence Sport and Recreational Association (DSRA), a membership organisation based within the MOD, decided to enter a team into this iconic endurance event.

RAAM starts 20th June and is made up of a 3000 mile time trial from San Diego, California on the west coast of the USA to Annapolis, Maryland on the east coast. Competitors have a 9 day time limit to relay through 50 + checkpoints!

During this arduous journey the teams must negotiate extremes in temperature and terrain! The DSRA team will consist of 8 riders and 4 crew.

The fastest recorded time for an 8 person team was set back in 2013 by the Allied Forces - Team! They completed 2962 miles in 5 days 3 hours and 45 minutes and averaged 24.19 mph. 

We wish the DSRA team a safe journey and best of luck! Look out for the teams progress here!


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May 07, 2016 by James Emery
Tags: Events