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Le Col - superb cycling apparel, 'imagined on the road', manufactured in Italy.

Le Col do things differently. The brainchild of Yanto Barker, they represent a step forward in the world of sports and, specifically, cycling apparel. Each garment concept is rigorously tested by Yanto - himself a professional cyclist - who is all too familiar with the wide-ranging kit required in the peloton and, indeed, when living and cycling in the UK. 

They offer an enormous range of items for changing conditions and varied climates, from excellent summer jerseys and bibs, with silicone microdot grippers, to deep winter jackets and tights. Complimenting caps and skull caps are well made and understated, adding a 'finishing touch' to kit.

The Pro B5 Winter Range sets a benchmark in tailored, functional wear, and is ideal for rides in the Autumn onwards. The jacket features a high neck, fleece lined collar and 4 good size pockets. Aqua Zero, non-wetting fabrics allow excellent water repellency, very low water absorption, low water leak, and long-lasting durability. It also performs well after repeated use, and has oil and stain resistance.

Contrasting panels make the jacket stand out from others available, and shows Le Col's attention to asymetrical design. Like the corresponding B5 tights in the range (which feature lazer-cut straps), the jacket has reflective panels which are strategically placed, to ensure maximum visibility in changing conditions and low light. A full-length zip, with concealment at the top and bottom ensures comfort. An excellent jacket.


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February 10, 2016 by James Emery
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