Why I became a Le Col ambassador
Just to be clear, I didn't become a Le Col brand ambassador to get free kit, but because I love the gear. I buy cycle wear because it reflects who I am, a performance obsessed, who loves to ride and Le Col does this perfectly.
The hours I spend on my bike gives me time out to think, and when I finish a ride I always take the time to check my statistical data to see if I’m improving (or not). This motivates me and drives me forward. Apart from the effort that I put in each day one of the other key factors that has led to me being a better rider is the kits performance. Having tried many brands before Le Col these are my reasons for choosing Le Col to be ‘my brand’.

1.It looks great and this boosts my confidence, and the better I feel the more I want to get out on my bike and the more I do that - the better I get. Its understated and classical and when you turn up on a ride not every Tom, Dick or Harriet is going to be wearing it (yet). I know it is vain, but image and looking good are important to me.
2.It is a perfect fit and that influences performance. Being designed by a Professional rider I benefit from his years of experience and refinement. It is important to look good but that is not as important as it’s ability to perform and to give me a competitive edge.
3.It is more than capable of matching the hours I spend in the saddle. Each piece is extremely well made being manufactured in Italy (when most of their rivals have moved production to the Far East). It’s durable and puts up with being washed frequently, often in a hotel room sink on an overnight stop!
4.Its technically designed well, so it fits and flexes in all the right places (particularly important for a girl) a big deal on a long ride. I did the Club des Cingles this year on Mont Ventoux, I ascended the Giant of Provence 6 times in the day and was in the saddle for 15 hours and the kits performance was excellent.

5.It protects me and helps prevent injuries, I don’t always race, I commute across London daily where being seen is crucial and the C2 jacket delivers here. In the summer the women’s Pro jersey prevents me from overheating and the Pro bib shorts eliminate irritation and aid rapid recovery with its comfort features.
In addition to the above, why I really enjoy working with Le Col is that they are open and receptive to feedback. Yanto allows me input into new designs, colourways and practical features. I also get to road test the kit when it is in its sample stage, which makes me feel that my views are respected and my feedback listened to.
That said the occasional bit of free kit is always nice too.
Gosia x
December 19, 2016 by James Emery
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