| James Emery

Le Col Trikot Waterproof Pockets


The Importance of the Waterproof Pocket


At Le Col not much happens by accident and here we are talking about our waterproof pocket. Where it's placed. What size it is, what side its placed and why that is.

The first detail we looked at was where the zipped pocket should be placed. There are three rear pockets on a standard trikot or jacket and we looked at the optimum position to use. We didn't feel the middle pocket was the right place for it. Generally because it's the hardest pocket to reach with either hand. Easy reach is very important if you consider every second one of your hands is off the bars is significantly more dangerous as you are less able to respond to obstacles. The second reason the middle pocket was not right is because the most bulky items you carry should go in the middle pocket for aero dynamics.

So you have the right or left side to chose from. We looked at percentage of left and right handed people and chose the right side as more people are right handed. To be more dexterous while handling your phone on your ride, will reduce the percentage of drops and damage, which in turn reduces distractions and risk of accidents. All our pockets are waterproof. We looked at how can we make our pocket more useful than any other. Even on a dry day, when cycling, we sweat and this moisture can get into phone and cause damage. If you use our waterproof pocket this is eliminated.

The last detail to be considered was what phones people are using. In recent years phones have been getting bigger so in 2015 we redesigned our pockets to fit the new generation smart phones like the New iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy. No other brand has given so much attention to detail and adapted to changes in use.

Thanks for reading any questions tweet us @LeColUK And ride safe.