Launched in January 2015, the aim of LIV EPIC CC is to help their junior and youth riders go as far in the sport as they want to. Some will find success as professionals, others will gain skills that stay with them for life. Whatever they achieve – the hope is that they will enjoy the sport along the way and have fun.


The team is run by Peter Georgi, with coaching support from Mark Dolan and his team at Epic Coaching. Epic coaching are specialists in young rider development, and are well placed to guide the girls through their first races on the open road.


After a couple of years in the squad, any of the 'LIvlings' have now experienced competing alongside elite women in the national series races, and all riders continue to be united by an aim to win national level titles.

The 2017 season has seen a number of successes for the girls, most recently Lauren Murphy claiming the title of women’s Junior National Road Race Champion.


"Le Col has been supplying the racing kit for both Giant CC Halo Films and Liv CC Epic Coaching for a number of years.

Year on year, the quality, design and thought that goes into the kit has improved dramatically. By far and large the most popular item with the teams has been the Speed Suit, a skin suit with an integrated road top and pockets. National Championships, National Series Races and Stage Races have been won in the Le Col Speed Suit by our teams this year"

Peter Georgi
Giant CC / Liv CC Team Manager


The team is comprised of five Juniors and two Youth A riders. Three of the junior girls in the team are part of British Cycling’s prestigious Junior Academy and two are part of Welsh Cycling’s junior squad. 

The team are:


Lizzie Bennett

Lauren Dolan

Lauren Murphy

Becky Raybould

Jess Roberts

Emily Tillett

Youth A:

Pfeiffer Georgi

Freya Thatcher