A hearty thank you to everyone who took part in the Le Col 5 hour Strava Challenge this October. You quite literally took us to the moon and back (several times) with your collective efforts out there. 
Here's what our challenge competitors managed to do. Keep your eyes peeled next week as we announce the lucky winner of £2,000 of Le Col kit:
  • Total who started the 5hr challenge: 88,550
  • Total who completed the 5hr challenge: 61,200
  • Distance covered: 18.5 million kilometres (equivalent to 4,625 times around the earth)
  • Hours ridden: 919,130
  • Total feet of climbing: 120,000,000
  • Collective number of punctures: 23,643
  • Power/wattage generated: Enough to power 26 UK homes for a year
  • Longest distance covered in a day: 400km

You can see the 5 hour challenge leaderboard here.