Maspalomas - Tejeda - Maspalomas

With temperatures rising to 30 degrees and no wind, this 100km ‘out and back’ route took the group out of the bustling city streets of Maspalomas and straight up towards the village of Tejeda. With an average gradient of 7%, riders passed through Fataga on their way up to Pico de las Nieves 1,949 metres above sea level. Arrival at Tejeda, an idyllic village in the very centre of the island, marks the turnaround and the start of a fast 50km decent back to Maspalomas.

Playa de Mogan - Valley of Tears - Playa de Mogan

Our group of 5 rolled out from the tranquil shores of La Playa de Mogan for a 92km ride taking in 2690m of elevation gain. With a light breeze keeping the temperature down, the route took the riders straight up past Mogan itself, around the switchbacks at Tauropass and finally reaching the red rock highlands of Ayacata. Having climbed continuously for the first 40km at an easy 5% average, the following 20km would take them down the infamous Valley of Tears before a short but sharp final climb up to Mirador de Tasartico and circling back to Playa de Mogan.

Maspalomas - Ayagaures - Ayacata - Maspalomas

Heading out of Maspalomas again, the final ride began with an ascent to the top of Ayagaures before dropping back through the valley and up towards Fataga. With a total elevation gain of 2420m, the route reaches it’s peak at Ayacata before dropping down though the twisting 20km long descent of Soria and ending with a total of 111km back in Maspalomas.

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