Tour De France: Week 2 – Le Col | Le Col IL
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The second week of this year's Tour can be characterised as an ever-changing competition, both within this edition and in reference to the race’s deep history. Jerseys have passed between many hands, familiar tactics have been turned on their heads, and miraculous victories on stages not typically suited to a winner's strengths have exposed the metamorphoses of those who are successful in the modern age of cycling.

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In the general classification the old guard is in retreat, with gaps to yellow widening and the top ten changing daily. And yet, the unlikely, triumphant return of a green jersey wearer, while others fall out of the race, has been a major win for the veterans and downtrodden. This is the beauty of the Tour, this year perhaps more than ever. There is, of course, the overarching fight for yellow, but sub-plots and other stories are waiting to be told.

The indefatigable strength in the leader suggests a change in approach is necessary for teams whose Tour campaign has not gone the way they'd hoped. All this confusion and chaos, with comebacks, tireless attacks, and one young man stomping all over the Tour de France rule book, has created an exciting and tumultuous event, and as the mountains beckon, only the strongest with prevail.

Thanks to our photographer Chris Auld for capturing the race. See more of his work on Instagram @cauldphoto.