DROPS | Joss Lowden


Before her season kicked off at the Setmana Valenciana, we spoke to Drops Team leader Joss Lowden to get her perspective on the sport and her insight on winning Bronze at the Worlds in Yorkshire.

I've always ridden a bike - in my family, it was a bit of a must. I didn’t always ride though - I was really into my running and saw cycling as just a bit of fun - it was never serious. Then, I joined my dad's club, Lewes Wanderers, as they went out on a training camp about 4 years ago. I got really hooked and before long, I was racing.

The best thing about racing is that the buzz you get when it's flat out and full gas - it’s just insane. Racing and training also takes me to some really incredible places; it's a very good way to explore.



Women's cycling is growing and getting much more recognition which it deserves. In the last five years, I’ve seen it become more and more professional. This should only raise the level, which is going to make the racing that much better, engaging, and exciting.


Coming off a bronze at the Worlds in Yorkshire, I’m so keen to get back to the World Champs again in September. The team time trial would be great to do again but I also really want to target the individual and road road race. Other than that, this year is all about the Olympics, which would be amazing, but with so few places up for grabs it's a long shot.

Already booked on the calendar, it’s the Women's Tour in June that’s getting me excited - I always find it pretty special racing with home crowds, and also against some of the best riders in the world.


I lost a whole summer road racing a couple years back with an injury and it was so so frustrating - the pain of not being able to train and ride was so great. When the conditions or workload get tough I just try and remind myself how much I want to be doing it and how lucky I am that I can now. There are no conditions as bad as a smashed up body that can't even pull on some kit and get out on the bike.

We'd like to thank Joss for taking the time to sit down with us and congratulate her on her 12th in GC at the Setmana Valenciana - one of the biggest women's early season races. Take a look at Joss' stage by stage efforts today and take a look at her Strava Profile.