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As the oranges of Autumn intensify, it's not long before poor weather shakes leaves from trees. Stay a step ahead and make sure you're geared up to ride though the changing season with our Pro Insight Guide from our Founder. 特徴を読む today.

Autumn is all about changeable weather and temperature - days that start cold and get warm as the sun comes up, rain that sweeps in unexpectedly, and darker evenings which leave you finishing your ride in cooler conditions, in lower light. There’s a lot to think about in autumn, and finding the right combination of kit to keep you warm, dry and comfortable is no mean feat.

One of the main things that autumn kit needs to deliver on is versatility. Versatility is a key consideration in our design process, as we think about how to design a garment that can be removed and carried easily at different times on the same ride. Things like; Arm ウォーマー, Leg ウォーマー, and ジレ - they all need to be packable and light at the same time as protective, whilst staples like ジャージ and Bibs need to be developed to offer extra thermal protection.

With that in mind, here are the six key items I’d recommend for your wardrobe this autumn:

1. THE Pro Therma Jersey

I love this jersey. I have raced many cold races in it and I always feel like it’s got my back. It keeps my core cocooned in a little warm protective capsule, even in the harshest conditions, while at the same time not making me overheat.

This jersey was designed to be fully thermal and waterproof using our special 4 way stretch bonded Leonard (therma tex) material. This means this garment can keep you warm while remaining thin enough to fit easily in your standard jersey pocket – ideal if you need to take it off mid ride.

Recommended: the Le Col Pro Therma Jersey

2. THE Pro Long Sleeve Jersey


A long sleeve jersey is perfect for autumn mornings when you know it’s set to stay cooler for most of the day. Those kind of days mean that you can put on a long sleeve without a fear that you might overheat. Our Pro Long Sleeve Jersey is designed to balance those considerations of cold conditions with the heat generated by maximal efforts. The materials used are extremely breathable, soft and warm on the inside, so it doesn't just perform - it's extra comfort on your ride.

A long sleeve Jersey can be used in combination with a number of other garments like short or long-sleeved ベースレイヤー, ジレ to cater for more challenging conditions, be they cold or wet. It’s also a good idea to select a long sleeve jersey which has large pockets, so that you can carry everything you need on long varied climate rides.

Recommended: The Pro Long Sleeve Jersey.

3. The Pro Therma Gilet

A gilet is designed to be a simple solution to keeping the core of your body warm. If it’s made of thermal and waterproof fabric (like our Therma Gilet), then it’ll be perfect for trapping heat where you need it most, while remaining a light and packable garment.

I’d recommended that you never leave the house without either a gilet or something like a Therma jersey, as they will just give you that extra level of security during rides that you may find colder or wetter than planned.

It’s perfect for the start of a ride, while you’re warming up and building your body temperature. Or equally it’s a great item to pull on at the top of a climb, to keep the body temperature even as you descend. It then can re-packed into your pocket for the rest of the ride.

Recommended: The Pro Therma Gilet


5. Arm and Leg ウォーマー

Arm and leg ウォーマー are an important set of items in anyone’s wardrobe, and especially at this time of year. They are perfect to take on and off throughout a ride, and can be easily stowed when not in use.

They can be worn with summer ジャージ, Therma ジャージ and also used in conjunction with long sleeves and ジャケット when the weather gets even colder. Contrary to what you may think, arm ウォーマー can be worn very effectively with winter ジャケット to help keep your hands warm when it gets colder in deeper winter. For now though, they are a great transition garment for autumnal climes.

Recommended: Le Col Arm ウォーマー and Le Col Leg ウォーマー


It's Autumn - we all know that rain is never too far around the corner. Being prepared for it means that you can stick to your training plan and maintain intensity on your ride - but the jacket itself needs to be watertight, breathable, seam taped and close fitting - because those are the key metrics for a top performing jacket.

Together with Team Bahrain McLaren, we took input from the greatest riders in the world and fed it into our race jacket development. Tested at races and refined in training, the Pro Rain Jacket is the product of two years of refinement. Worn effectively over a jersey or, on very mild autumnal rides, with a base layer, this jacket makes sure that you can pursue your training in the very worst of downpours.

Recommended: Le Col Pro Rain Jacket

I hope that's helped you make a few wardrobe decisions for the season ahead,

Happy riding,