From our team to yours

The Le Col custom range is designed for maximum comfort and form, using the most up-to-date technology in modern fabrics.

Le Col founder and professional cyclist Yanto Barker is committed to delivering the finest quality cycling clothing. This desire means he and his team rigorously test everything themselves before putting it into production. It’s this personal input and critical eye that sets the brand apart from its competitors.

These products have been formed by listening to feedback from teams and clubs over the years.

Private web portals are also available to make things easier and more streamlined for teams and clubs.

Some examples of past designs and pricing can be found here:

Pricing & Terms and Conditions

Past designs

All garments are manufactured onsite in our factory in Treviso, Italy

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"Le Col has been supplying the racing kit for both Giant CC Halo Films and Liv CC Epic Coaching for a number of years.

Year on year the quality, design and thought that goes into the kit has improved dramatically. By far and large the most popular item with the teams has been the Speed Suit, a skin suit with an integrated road top and pockets. National Championships, National Series Races and Stage Races have been won in the Le Col Speed Suit by our teams this year"

Peter Georgi
Giant CC / Liv CC Team Manager