As a professional athlete I’ve always been single minded about performance and that focus includes my kit. Cycling is a competitive ‘technical’ sport which means product innovation makes it possible to perform better.
And that’s why I founded Le Col: to create the best possible technical product to help you to perform at your very best.

I bought the factory in Treviso, Italy, because it’s an area with renowned expertise in high performance sporting apparel and the latest technical materials. At the time, many of the larger cycling brands were abandoning the area for cheaper alternatives.

I formed a team of specialists at Le Col and together, we have built a company that we all take pride in.


Our products have been developed and ‘road tested’ in the pro peloton, based upon thousands of hours in the saddle, in all conditions. That insight has been fed back into the development of pioneering and high performing products since 2011.

‘Le Col’ is named after the ascents and mountain passes of the French Peaks, the most challenging and demanding parts of the ride.

Because our purpose is simple but enduring - ‘to create the best possible technical product to help you to perform at your very best on every ride’.