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Le Col X Colnago C64 Limited Edition Frameset


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Product description

Uniting two brands with racing hearts, the Le Col x Colnago 64 Road Frameset with Sloping Geometry features the best in Italian engineering with the subtle sophistication of British design.

Epitomising the quality and craftsmanship of Italian engineering and construction, Colnago's C64 Road Frameset celebrates the company's 64th year. Incorporating the brand's famed sloping geometry, this frameset has been handmade in Italy to state of the art specifications. Compatible with mechanical and electronic groupsets, the C64 has undergone intricate scrutiny in order to refine rigidity and compliance as you ride. Shaving a net weight of 200 grams, this frameset is set to provide poise and precision on the road.

A redesigned fork couples with an internally ribbed steerer tube that boosts stiffness and strength at this critical juncture. The Direct-Mount braking assembly has also been modified in order to provide better spacing and clearance for tyres up to 28mm. Full carbon drop-outs make those further weight savings that take the C64 beyond it's predecessor.

Reshaped at the downtube in order to provide greater vertical dampening and torsional stiffness, the rear end of this frameset has been engineered to offer a more efficient transmission of your power. The head tube remodeled to reduce excess material in thickness, you can be sure that every possible effort is made to make this machine perform at the highest level.

A single-piece seat tube and seat lug design further reduce weight whilst Colnago's foray into aero-bikes pays dividends with shaping borrowed from the V2-R for enhanced aerodynamic performance. Taking this aero focus to the next level, the seat clamp is integrated into the frame, and is fastened using a single removable part that is tightened from beneath.

Colnago's ThreadFit82.5 bottom bracket is fitted as standard whilst asymmetric chainstays with a wider left side boost power transfer, keeping your ride as efficient as possible.

Styled with Le Col's slate blues and flares of gold, the Le Col x Colnago C64 frameset is a stand out piece of design. Refined and honed to blend easy Italian aplomb with the British class, this frameset is available as part of an extremely limited edition. 

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