The Le Col Pro Skinsuit is proven to be one of the fastest road-race skinsuits in the world.

Designed and tested in the pro peloton and worn by Marcin Bialoblocki winner of the Polish national champs in June 2015.  The aerodynamic features include long sleeves ergonomically fitted with flow seams.  A low cut collarless neck eliminates ripples at shoulders and the short front panels on the body ensure the perfect fit while in the full TT position.

A skinsuit specific leg gripper is used to aid aerodynamics and hold the shorts panel in place. Extra thin lycra is used for the upper to allow maximum airflow over the suit whilst all seams have been designed to "trip" air away to minimising air turbulence off the back of the rider creating less drag. 

This Pro Skinsuit is Pro Racewear available to all. Most suitable for races


  • 80% Polyamide
  • 20% Elastane


  • Long ergonomically fitted sleeves with flow seam
  • Hidden zip
  • Collarless neck
  • Skin suit specific silicone leg gripper
  • TT position front panel
  • Number pinning flap
  • 2 small pockets
  • Made in Italy

Care instructions

  • Machine wash at 30C, rinse well and don't tumble dry, bleach, dry clean, use fabric conditioner or steam

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Le Col Skinsuit - Review

So I do a fair bit of riding on the track and so skinsuits are 'de rigeur' and I have a fair collection - always looking for the next marginal gain! My usual go to skinsuit is an Assos Chronosuit and putting on the Le Col it felt more comfortable straight away. Without a wind tunnel I can't really comment on it's aerodynamics versus the Assos, but despite its more simple construction and materials it doesn't feel any slower. The pad is comfortable, the pockets are useful on occasion, the fit seems great (for me at least, 80kg, 6'2" - Medium). The long sleeves are a benefit to me as their faster than bare arms and even during endurance events on the track (indoors) I've never found it a particularly warm skinsuit.

Christmas gift to me from me.

Tried it on, it fit well. But the wifelet won't let me "open" it and ride in it till after Christmas. (Probably try it first race in March). Would rather have had the short sleeve since it's hotter than stink in Texas MOST of the year but the short sleeve was somehow more expensive. Might have to visit the seamstress. So, 3 stars till I can try it out under race conditions. Then if possible I'll adjust if necessary.