Road Racing to National Cyclocross Trophy

Beth Crumpton of Storey Racing is hanging on to the series lead in the National Cyclocross Trophy and with it she wears her Le Col Yellow Leader's jersey. She is four rounds into the six round series, winning the first two races and limiting the damage to her lead in the more recent races after an injury and a crash. We spoke to Beth on the lead up to the penultimate race of the series.

How does it feel to wear the yellow jersey in the National CX Trophy?

"Of course the yellow jersey stands out and is expected to be near the front but that’s natural if I’m leading the series. I want to be at the front anyway. I try not to feel pressure when I'm racing, I'm my own worst enemy of putting pressure on myself whatever jersey I am in."

Four rounds in to the series, you've experienced both wet and dry conditions - which do you prefer?

"I normally prefer wet and muddy races but since racing a season on the road I've become stronger and have been able to adapt to the faster and dryer courses. I love the technical sections of courses whether they are dry or wet but if I’m honest, I’m really looking forward to a few more muddy races this season."

How does racing in Belgium compare to the UK?

"Racing in Belgium comes with huge crowds and completely different courses. I've raced a few World Cups but not many of the big series over there which is why I'm really looking forward to my Christmas block! Cross in Belgium is like Football in the UK to make a comparison, thousands of spectators attend and the courses are so challenging because they're normally situated where you wouldn't think a bike race could take place in really random places. Compared to the Belgium, UK CX is still developing, where as I race to win in the UK, I'm racing for a top 20 in Belgium, the calibre is insanely good and competition is fierce."

What is your biggest aim for 2018 Season?

"I want to get selected for the 2018 World Championships in Valkenberg, Holland that's the big aim and I want to aim to get a good result there. I also want to win the National Trophy Series and medal at the 2018 British CX Championships, I'll be competitive for gold there but it will be extremely tough against seasoned professionals."

What is your next national series race & which one are you most looking forward to?

"Next up is round 5 of the national series in Peel Park, West Yorkshire on the 10th of December. I'm also looking forward to Bradford, a classic on the British calendar, it always gives thrills and spills in challenging conditions. "

All the best to Beth, in the second half of the National Trophy and her other foreign races this season.

Photo Credits: Larry Hickmott

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