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London Café Guide pt 2

febrero 20, 2024 by Tara Andrews

Ride Guide: A Lap of Mallorca

febrero 12, 2024 by Tara Andrews

365,000 meters of evelation in 365 days

enero 18, 2024 by Tara Andrews

Oli France: The Ultimate Seven - Africa

octubre 20, 2023 by Tara Andrews

Ride Guide: Passo Giau

octubre 18, 2023 by Tara Andrews

London Café Guide

octubre 15, 2023 by Tara Andrews

Completers Guide to the 8848 Challenge

julio 18, 2023 by Tara Andrews

8848 Stories: Everesting Hirnant Pass

The two riders started at 03:55am.  The plan?  Everest Hirnant Pass, near Bala in Wales. 

Hirnant Pass had not been Everested before, possibly a function of its remoteness (there is no mobile phone signal up there) and the 20% ramp 0.5km from the summit.  Each rep accumulated 156m, meaning 58 reps. That’s 58 ascents of that 20% ramp and wow, you start to feel it after a while! 

julio 05, 2023 by Tara Andrews