| James Emery

Le Col Cycling Cap


To keep the sun or sweat out of your eyes

Established by professional cyclist Yanto Barker - currently riding for Team Raleigh - Le Col produces a range of clothing that is firmly aimed at the performance end of the scale. It's unapologetically high-end kit but thankfully their cycling cap is one of their more affordable items in their wardrobe, beaten to their lowest priced piece of clothing only by their socks, by £2.

The Le Col cap is pretty much your standard issue cycling cap: cotton, with a four panel construction, elasticated rear and a peak. You know what a cycling cap is don't you? However the Le Col cap is made of a heavier cotton than your normal cheapo item, and it's also far better made. After quite some heavy ride rotation it hasn't started to dishevel like some other, more 'pocket-money' caps in the collection.

Like most cycling caps it only comes in the one size but unlike a lot of caps it hasn't shrunk a size or two after several washes to crush a brow and leave a café-embarrassing red line across the forehead. The elastic section out the back hasn't lost its grip either, which can happen on a more cursory cap.

Your Le Col cap colour options are in the cliché of Henry Ford, mostly black, but you do get to choose the colour of the stripe down the centre from blue, red, white or yellow. When it comes to further decoration the Le Col logo adorns each side of the cap and the underside of the peak.

Whatever reason you wear a cycling cap '' to keep the sweat, sun or rain out your eyes or just to look what you think is stylish '' then the Le Col cap does all of those. There's a price premium over a normal cap but it's a sturdier cotton, far better made and so holds its shape, looks and usefulness for considerably longer.


Better quality and better made than your common or garden cap