The Embroidered Logo

Why did we choose to embroider logos?

All Le Col garments have their logos embroidered on. This was the best application in our view when you consider these details.

Commonly in Cycling Apparel logos are heat transferred on, this is quite a cheap and easy process but naturally with a heat press logo it will never last the lifetime of the garment. What that means is after a certain number of washes it will crack, peel and look scruffy. For Le Col this was not an option. A large part of the identity of our product is the logo that goes on it and to have our logo cracking and peeling while the cycling shorts or jersey are still perfectly good to use was something we needed to avoid.

Another alternative application of logos commonly used on cycling kit is 'sublimation printing' while a good quality sublimation is durable and long lasting there are restrictions with fabrics that can be printed. What this means is while you can apply a good long lasting logo the fabric you can use are not as good. There is also the fact that when you sublimate the colour is compromised due to the fact that the fabric starts plain white before printing and you only print the top layer, for a four-way stretch fabric like lycra or polyester jersey this means the original white of the fabric shows through when the fabric is stretched.

So to use embroidery means there is no compromise on colour by using rich textured pre dyed fabric and no compromise on our logo application because our logos last the lifetime of the cycling garment meaning it stays looking smart right to the end.