6 of the best Strava Profiles to follow

From Endurance, to Speed to Downright Crazy

It's safe to say that most of us don't get out on our bikes as often as we'd like, and so living vicariously through the rides of others can offer a big boost. So we've pulled a list of the most impressive Strava profiles out there - from endurance, to speed to the downright crazy. It's all here:

1. Chris Hall

Hall is an endurance cyclist who completes challenges for Pace, a charity for under-privileged children. He rode 107km a day throughout the winter (whilst working a full time job) - covering a total distance of 11,449km. That’s the equivalent of riding from London to Geneva every week, for 15 weeks in a row.

Just last week he cycled from London to Paris overnight, on a Time Trial bike, in a time of under 9 hours, arriving in Paris time for breakfast.

Chris is always planning his next challenge, so stay tuned for more crazy adventures come.

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2. Torey Philipp

To say that Torey likes to pedal up mountains would be an understatement. Last year he set out on a mission to ascend over one million feet (304,000 metres) in a year – a challenge which he completed by riding ascents around the foothills of Northern California.

Disaster struck shortly before New Year, when Torey came off his bike – but he was determined to finish and successfully completed his challenge – which is equivalent to riding 35 times up the height of Everest.

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3. Jasmijn Muller

Jasmijn Muller shot to fame earlier this year when she set out to break three Guinness world records – attempting to ride from Lands End to John O’Groats and back again, in less than 52 hours. Unfortunately she had to abandon the attempt due to illness, but Jas’ other rides are no less impressive.

She thinks nothing of riding from London to Edinburgh (and back), and has several National 12hr and 24hr TT titles to her name. It’s well worth following her profile for jaw-dropping distances and great feats of endurance.

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4. Michal Kwiatkowski

An ex road racing world champion, Michal is no stranger to speed and distance. He sets himself apart from other world tour pros by uploading every ride onto Strava, including the professional races he competes in.

The proud owner of well over 800 KOM’’s, Michal’s profile offers a fascinating window into the highs and lows of what it takes to be one of the best bike riders in the world.

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5. Peta Mullens

Peta is an Australian female pro athlete who travels the world competing in road, MTB and cyclocross disciplines. A multiple Australian road race and cyclocross champion, she is currently aiming for the Commonwealth Games in April, which will take place in Australia. Well worth a follow!

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6. Steven Abraham  

Based in Milton Keynes, Steven is currently undertaking the 'one year Time Trial' attempting to beat the record for the greatest distance covered in a year. He set off on the 4th of March and is now 7 months deep into his attempt. The record currently stands at an unbelievable 86,573 miles - set last year by fellow Brit Amanda Coker.

Until recently, Steven held the record for the furthest distance cycled in a month, which he claimed by completing 7,104.3 miles. He uploads all of his endurance rides to Strava for you to track.

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And here’s our special bonus profile - we couldn't forget...

Yanto Barker

The founder of Le Col, ex Team GB and professional cyclist. Despite retiring from professional racing, Yanto refuses to give up his Strava miles – still covering solid distances each week and even recently ascending the height of Everest in one day.

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