Le Col Unique Performance Fabric

Why  We Chose the Fabric for the Hors Categorie Jacket 


Fabric is one of the most important details in all garments. The Hors Categorie jacket is one of the most sophisticated winter jackets on the market with 6 different fabrics. The main fabric is a premium four-way stretch bonded material, waterproof, wind proof, thermal and breathable. Important to stop wind and rain getting in and cooling your core body temperature as you ride, at the same time it needs to allow moisture and heat to escape to eliminate sweat build up and the subsequent chill that follows.

The same fabric is used for the Pro Therma Gilet. The soft and light thermal material makes this garment easily fold up to fit into your rear pocket. It's important that intermediate garments are versatile and easily removable mid ride.

The second reason I chose this fabric is that it is thinner and lighter then other competitive brands, what this means is when used with the right undervests the Hors Categorie jacket is appropriate for the widest range of temperatures. Most brands when designing a top of the range jacket, design it to be better for colder temperatures. This often eliminates it from being used when it's just not cold enough. I wanted to avoid this with the top of the range Hors Categorie Jacket and make sure as your favourite cycling jacket it can be worn as much and as often as possible during the winter months.


The next important fabric is a textured 'Roubaix' (under the arms) positioned carefully to allow more heat and sweat to escape and ultimately moderate body temperature at varied riding intensities. Positioned under the arms means it is out the way of wind chill created on full frontal areas as the wind hits you. It means it's not allowing windchill in but does allow excess heat and moisture out created when training hard even in very cold weather.

From the picture above you can see the 3rd fabric, the 'Cordura' Kevlar panel on the elbows. This has been positioned to protect two things.

1. You, if falling elbows are one of the most frequent contact points and to protect this area means you will reduce your chances of serious injury.

2. This fabric will also protect the jacket it's self. As the top of the range cycling jacket we wanted to do as much as possible to make it last.

Making the Hors Categorie Jacket visible was a big priority without compromising thermal properties. We have used a thermal, waterproof reflective material that picks up any light and reflects it strongly, positioned to be clearly visible from all angles.

These are key details in the Hors Categorie Collection. I hope this helps explain why I chose the fabrics and how they benefit you the wearer.

Thanks for reading and ride safe.