OMX Pro Team is a British UCI Elite Mountain Bike Team comprised of four hugely talented young riders. At the end of the 2016 season the team were ranked 12th in the World, but 2017 has them set for an even greater level of success.

The team is led by Annie Last, a British Champion and Olympian who has just retained her National Champion jersey for the second year running. Mariske Strauss is also part of the team and is the reigning African Continental and South African Champion. Martin Gluth, the German powerhouse, recently proved himself as one of the top ten riders in Germany and lastly but not least, the youngest of the bunch, Isla Short, is British XC Series Champion and a rising U23 star.

As well as performances on the track, the team are well known for their incredible camaraderie off the track. Over the last year, the current group of riders have formed strong bonds and created a supportive, fun and fruitful environment which helps them to perform at their best when race day comes around. Together with the tight-knit support staff, this creates an unbreakable foundation for this season, and beyond.

Read on for more about how OMX Pro Bike Team came to be the success it is today…


The team was originally formed in 2004, comprised of just a few young guys from Essex with a dream of racing at National level. From these very humble beginnings grew a passionate, dedicated and increasingly professional, well-known and respected team. Orange Monkey, as the team was known up until 2014, led the way in British cross-country racing, boldly taking on European races and World Cups whilst others shied away from the risk of failure.

Gradually, year by year, the dreams and the goals got bigger, and the riders and the results got better. What had been created – through proper grit and steel – was a professional team with a unique history that gave it a popular sense of authenticity.

In 2015 the team rebranded and re-launched as OMX Pro Team, with a major title sponsor, full backing from Silverback Bikes, and an eye firmly fixed on becoming a World-leading team by the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Le Col began supporting the team with their racing kit from the start of the 2017 season and the dream and the journey went global!


Over the past two seasons, OMX Pro Team has accelerated its development to reach UCI Elite Team status as a top fifteen World-ranked team, and proven in numerous races in many countries that a group of truly passionate and committed people can come together to take on the World.

The journey has continued into 2017. The ultimate dream came true at the Lenzerheide World Cup in July 2017 when Annie Last scored her, and OMX’s, first ever World Cup win – making the Le Col kit the most photographed kit of the day!

Here’s what OMX say about Le Col:

“Le Col symbolises high quality and high performance cycling clothing which beautifully combines form and function. We're delighted to partner with such a unique and innovative brand, who hold at their core a drive for technical excellence together with a sense of inclusivity and team spirit.  Le Col's "Made in Italy" label signifies quality, authenticity and dedication. And that is exactly what OMX is about. 

We very much look forward to bringing Le Col to the start line of some of the World's biggest mountain bike races. Together, we are OMX.”

And here’s what Yanto has to say about our sponsorship of OMX:

“The OMX team are living proof of what we believe to be true – back yourself, because you are capable of more than you imagine. This year they have a really exciting pool of talent, and by working together as a team, having fun and setting the bar high – they are all coming good on their promise to perform. We are so proud to be supporting them with our top quality kit, and I cannot wait to see where the next season takes them."



Annie Last (GBR)

Mariske Strauss (RSA)

Martin Gluth (GER)

Isla Short (GBR)