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Pro Lightweight Gloves


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Product description

The Pro Lightweight Gloves meet the needs of riders needing extra protection from their summer mitts as the seasons change. The palm of the gloves are the same as can be found on the summer mitts, however the slightly warmer, full finger back of the hand provide ample protection as the temperatures near single figures but you still want all the freedom and dexterity offered by summer mitts.

Offering protection from road buzz to help prevent discomfort and numbness over longer rides, the palms on the lightweight gloves use targeted padding in load bearing areas, while the back of the gloves are finished with a reflective print logo and over the little finger, helping you show up when signalling and riding in the drops while a conductive thumb and forefinger allow you to keep connected with your devices without needing to remove.

Designed for dry rides in a temperature range of 8-16C, these gloves will keep your hands warm as you transition through the seasons.

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"Gloves are an incredibly personal choice; bringing comfort and protection when spending long hours in the drops. The Le Col lightweight gloves are made to provide targeted padding to critical weight and stress bearing areas of your palm."

Yanto Barker
Key features
  • Protective, padded palm to reduce stress on the hands
  • Touchscreen compatible thumb and forefinger
  • Reflective Logo and panel on pinkie for increased visibility
  • Breathable back of hand fabric 
Product material


  • 94% Polyester
  • 6% Elastane


  • 82% Nylon
  • 18% Elastane 
Care instructions
  • Machine Wash at 30°C / 86°F
  • Do not use fabric conditioner
  • Dry flat, do not tumble dry
  • Do not bleach, iron or dry clean
  • We'd also suggest turning inside out prior to washing and keeping them separate from other items by popping them into a mesh laundry bag