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For the discerning cyclist with the most select taste, Christmas isn’t about the quantity - it’s about the quality. If you’re looking for the gift that’ll light up their face, here are our top picks from our premium made in Italy collection.


1. The Commuter Backpack.

Cycling is not just sport, it’s transport. For the rider who spends as much time on the commute as on fast rides, the Commuter Backpack is an ideal choice. Waterproof with a roll top closure, a cavernous space swallows your change of clothes and other essentials, whilst a secure laptop compartment ensures you can work on the move. Comfortable straps and copious reflective detailing, this backpack is a true collection highlight.


2. The Pro Carbon Cycling Shoes.

Everybody likes a fresh pair of shoes. If the rider in your life has set their eye on going the distance in 2021, the Le Col Pro Carbon Cycling Shoes are just the thing. Using a solid Unidirectional Carbon fibre sole to improve the transfer of power through the foot, minimal effort is wasted, making rider that bit better with every pedal stroke.

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3. Pro Rain Jacket.

You don’t have to be a cyclist to know that getting drenched in the outdoors isn’t fun. The Pro Rain Jacket is our leading waterproof, designed in tandem with our elite teams at the height of professional cycling. For hours of protection on wet rides, this layer keeps them wrapped, warm, and covered from the conditions.


4. Cycling Sunglasses.

It may sound left-field for the depths of winter, but now more than ever, road strewn debris, grit, mud and of course, rain can all find themselves causing riders to wince. A well designed pair of sunglasses can solve that, with an effective wrap around design limiting ingress of the elements, and allowing the rider to push on.


5. The Hors Categorie Long Sleeve Jersey.

For the fresh winter mornings, when the sun barrels through cloudless skies, a thermally lined jersey is an absolute must. Using the finest fabrics in feel and function, the Hors Categorie Long Sleeve Jersey delivers extra cover, and paired with a base layer, offers great fresh ride protection.


6. The Pro Blackout Therma Bib Shorts.

The Pro Therma Blackout Bib Shorts are ideal for rides from Autumn through winter and back into Spring. Paired with Leg Warmers for the coldest days, these fleece lined shorts use the same cut and shaping as our popular summer Pro Bib Shorts, meaning that you don't need to sacrifice performance to stay comfortable on the bike.

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Gifting doesn’t always have to be big - the finest details and choicest accessories often fulfil bigger needs for the dedicated cyclist. From the right pair of leg warmers to fine functioning overshoes, here’s our guide to the best Christmas Gifts for the rider in your life.


1. Cycling Wallet.

Between cafe stops, muddy puddles and sudden downpours, the essentials that a rider needs on every ride can go through a lot. Keeping everything together and reducing fumbling through pockets, the Le Col Cycling Wallet is a neat, concise and crafted means of transporting everything that a rider could want on the road.


2. Overshoes.

There’s little worse than soggy shoes and cold feet, and it’s no different for cyclists. A quality pair of overshoes can be the difference between frozen toes and forging ahead in the worst of winter weather. For a gift that goes the distance, the Le Col Overshoes are sure to set your rider well on their way.


3. Arm & Knee Warmers.

Whipped from a pocket, or removed mid-ride - nothing adds versatility to the rider’s wardrobe like warmers. Transforming a short sleeve jersey and summer bibs into cold weather kit at the drop of a hat, there’s little doubt that for a gift you’ll see time and again, warmers are the way to go.


4. Pro Neoprene Winter Gloves.

Just as nobody likes cold feet, cold hands can ruin a ride. From the danger of losing touch with your brakes and gearing, to the simple pain of numb hands, the rider conquering winter conditions needs gloves that overcome the rain and cold. Borrowing technology from diving gloves, the Pro Neoprene Winter Gloves are especially designed for cycling, with reflective detailing and reinforced seaming to allow you to remove them at a moment’s notice.


5. Snood.

It sounds trivial, but in a Christmas coloured by face coverings, a snood is a really essential item for riders in winter. Riding fast through cold air, cycling exposes a person to the elements. A simple fleeced and thin layer to keep can prevent all this, offer comfort on the coldest rides.


6. Technical Logo T-Shirt.

Want them off the bike on Christmas day? Well, maybe rather than a jersey, treat them to one of our Technical Logo T-Shirts. With a slim fit, and a blended soft-feel composition, it’s something simple, but done well.