Descenders Front Cover

About the Product

The Descenders Front Cover is an innovative solution to a perennial need from cyclists, an extra layer that can easily be added and removed when required.

Inspired by the sight of the peloton stuffing newspapers under their summer jerseys at the top of a Hors Categorie summit ascent to give the protection required to descend off the back at pace while keeping their core temperature up. The ‘front cover’ delivers a lightweight layer of insulation that packs down tiny for storage. Simply place the layer under your bib straps to keep in place with the comfort to be worn against the skin or over layers.

The Descenders Front Cover has proven through testing to offer wind-proofing and warmth on rides when starting out in the cold and can easily be removed and stored in a back pocket when you’re at full speed and your body needs the cooler air to keep performing.

Product Features